How the Fire Recall works on a Dover Elevator

Video by azcade101.

See how the fire recall function works on the elevator using a special key.


Gift Ideas for the Elevator Enthusiast

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Elevator Enthusiast

These are our top 10 gift ideas for the elevator enthusiast in your life.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to get to #1!

10.  Otis Elevator Globe- $65.00, or best offer


9.  World’s Best Elevator Man coffee mug – $13.49


 8.  Grain Elevator Kit- Assemble this intricate puzzle piece yourself! $44.98


7.  Elevator Design, Construction, and Maintenance book with highly detailed illustrations–$14.95


6.  Elevator Shaft Construction book, for the elevator expert who has everything. – $7.52


5.  Elevator Simulator 3D (App)- $0.99 – This app (for android, only, it seems), simulates elevators and how they work from the inside out.  We haven’t tried it ourselves, but for $0.99, why not?


4.  Frameable antique Otis Elevator advertisement.  Would look great in a frame in any bedroom!   $19.00, or best offer


3.  Elevator Stationary—For writing notes to The Society for Vertical Transportation, no doubt!  $19.49, set


2.  Antique 1950’s brass up and down elevator sign.  While a bit on the expensive side, this would be super cool to own!  $250.00, or best offer


1.  A membership welcome package for The Society for Vertical Transportation- $35

Includes a t-shirt, membership card, recognition and special access. What more could you want?  To purchase, click the “purchase here” link below (you’ll need a paypal account and be sure to double check your mailing address).

Purchase Here


The Fastest Elevator in the World (Taipei 101 Express Elevator)

At its fastest, this Toshiba travels at 16.83 m/s (60.6 km/h) as it goes up. In 2004, it set a new record for being the fastest elevator.

It is so fast that you can travel from the 5th floor to an observatory on floor 89 in just 37 seconds! The elevator is equipped with an emergency braking systems, and the world’s first triple-stage anti-overshooting system!