A snowy elevator ride

Watch this video by DieselDucy.


Tragedy! (The missing Spanish Elevator)

As told in this news story (click here), a building in Benidorm, Spain was built with 47 stories and no elevator!  The building was originally designed to be only 20 stories high, but then the plan was stretched to 47 stories.  Unfortunately, nobody thought about the fact that a bigger elevator would need more space for all the equipment.  Now, the space just doesn’t exist!!Image

A true tragedy.



Thyssenkrupp Evolution Blue — About and Design Options

This video shows exactly how the Thyssenkrupp model, Evolution Blue, works with the newest technology and design options. This is a simulation, but it shows really well all of the technology and parts that go into the model.

High points:
Its sides are replaceable so it can be updated aesthetically. It also has a self-learning e-core engine that makes sure the elevator “learns” where it needs to be and channels energy to be more efficient.

The Fastest Elevator in the World (Taipei 101 Express Elevator)

At its fastest, this Toshiba travels at 16.83 m/s (60.6 km/h) as it goes up. In 2004, it set a new record for being the fastest elevator.

It is so fast that you can travel from the 5th floor to an observatory on floor 89 in just 37 seconds! The elevator is equipped with an emergency braking systems, and the world’s first triple-stage anti-overshooting system!